zero to code_

How To Launch A Career In Software

by Kevin Moore

Table of Contents

    I. Orientation

  1. Launching A New Career
  2. How This Book Is Organized
  3. Pack Your Bags For A Learning Journey
  4. How To Use This Book
  5. Tips For Success
  6. II. On-The-Job Training

  7. A Workflow For Making Webpages
  8. Software Development Processes, or 'How To Make Software'
  9. Get a Text Editor
  10. Hacking The Mainframe
  11. Your First Webpage
  12. Keep Track of Your Code Files With Git
  13. Make Copies of Your Code Files with Git Branches
  14. Your First Webpage Deployment With GitHub Pages
  15. Interlude: A Mock Interview About Developer Workflow
  16. It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know
  17. Build Your GitHub Resume
  18. Welcome To The Club
  19. Part 2 Checklist
  20. III. Building Blocks

  21. Make Webpages Look The Way You Want Them To
  22. How The Internet Works
  23. Just Enough HTML To Be Dangerous
  24. Structuring Content With HTML, Serving It Locally With Python
  25. CSS: Connecting And Applying Styles
  26. Turning Mockups Into Code
  27. The Box Model - How To Think About Webpage Content
  28. The CSS Dojo
  29. The Big Picture - Layout, Grid Systems, and Responsive Web Design
  30. Flex Your Responsive Webpage Skills
  31. Libraries and Lazy Coders - How To Make Better Software With Less Effort
  32. Build Your House With CSS Libraries
  33. Keep Building, Keep Pushing Code
  34. Recap
  35. Checklist
  36. IV. Programming

  37. Top Down, Bottoms Up
  38. A More Complete Programming Language
  39. JavaScript: The Language of the Web
  40. Toy Problems, Real Interviews
  41. Manipulating Webpages: The Document Object Model and Other Browser APIs
  42. JavaScript Libraries
  43. AJAX The Mighty: The Rise of Web Applications
  44. Data Pipelines, API servers, and Node.js: JavaScript On The Command Line
  45. Libraries and Lazy Coders - Using `npm` to Create and Use Node Packages
  46. Frontend + Backend = Full-Stack
  47. Single-Page Web Applications
  48. Databases
  49. Recap
  50. Checklist
  51. Appendices

  52. A Hacker's Bookshelf
  53. Glossary
  54. Workflow Cheatsheet